Seeking to help owners find their lost Chevelles


Latest Lost Chevelle with photo - March 27, 2018

All data submitted will be held for one year. See my FAQ page for a longer listing. Anyone with a lost Chevelle is encouraged to submit the data requested on the contact form. No owner's name, address, or email account will be published unless they so desire. All personal data of this type will be kept in a database. Anyone requesting such data will have their request forwarded to the current owner on file. If they wish to respond, it will be up to the owner. This site will only pass along the request.

Until the listing get too long to post I'll keep the current missing Chevelle list here on the landing page. Entries with strikethrough information have not contacted me to keep the listing active. Strikethrough entries will be removed 60 days after Revisit date.

If the VIN was not submitted, it will not be listed.