1968 Malibu El Camino

I have been looking for years to find the car I had when I met my wife in Roswell, New Mexico. The car was a 1968 Chevrolet Malibu El Camino, bought brand new in April, 1968. Unfortunately, I don't have the VIN for it. I only had the car for a little more than one year, as it was t-boned by an elderly lady who ran a stop sign in early May, 1969. The insurance company totaled the car and I assumed it was gone to the crusher. However, about a year later when I was stationed at Ft. Bliss, El Paso, Texas, I saw the car going down the street. I was unable to catch it, and never saw it again. The reason I knew it was my car is that it was very unique due to the modifications I had done to it. It was painted "Seafrost Green," a stock metallic GM color that really didn't look green, but looked almost silver.

I had painted triple black stripes down both sides of the body, wider at the rear and tapering down to go across the front header to the other side of the car; the rocker panels were also painted black. It had Cragar 5-spoke mags on it with matte grey spokes and chrome rims, mounted with the widest red-line tires I could get at the time. The car also had a black vinyl top and a black vinyl tonneau cover over the back. The interior was all black with a bench seat and a 4-speed manual transmission on the floor with a Hurst shifter. The car ran really well as it had a 327 c.i., 4-barrel engine on which I had installed Chevrolet "camel hump" heads, a Corvette "pinky" cam, tubular headers and full dual exhaust out the back of the car. I am in my late 60's now and I have become somewhat of a car collector, along with my son, who has found virtually all the cars he had while growing up. I would love to find my old El Camino, as it holds many very special memories for me and for my wife, who I am still married to 48 years later!

Tom Berry berrytc@gmail.com